65 minute session- $120

90 minute session-$155

*** First time clients required to pay a deposit of 75% of the rate. The remainder is due at time of service. If deposit is not received 24 before the initial appointment the appointment can not be held.

*** Cancellations and lateness policies...  If you cancel or change your appointment less than 24hrs before your scheduled time you will be charged  75% of the rate.  If you are late to your appointment we will still adhere to your scheduled time slot and you will still be charged the full rate. 

Reparations Rate- Sliding scale from $40. 70 min appointments available to people whose ancestors experienced slavery or land theft in this country, and all black and indigenous people, regardless of personal income, who feel oppressed, abused or disenfranchised by our current economic system built upon slavery, stolen land, and white supremacy. Just type in "care" in the notes section when booking online.