Lena's bodywork was so gentle and healing. I left with a completely different posture. All of the places that were painful and cramped when I arrived were completely eased and painless. Lena is really skilled at this work and knowledgeable. Highly recommend. M.V. Los Angeles

Lena is an incredible healer. Within just three sessions she has managed to reduce 97% of the pain in my very buggy left scapular. My body's whole alignment has shifted -- thanks to Lena's work, I am stronger and more limber. She provides much more than a massage. She's highly knowledgeable and helps you unlock exactly what the problem is, so you can move beyond the treatment and step into a better body. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend Lena. A.D. Los Angeles

Lena is amazing. It’s way more than a regular massage - it’s really about getting to the root issues and figuring out how to solve the underlying challenges. She has the knowledge and intuition to know exactly when and how to up the intensity without any of the pain or discomfort that often happens with less experienced practitioners. I can’t recommend her enough and I’m so thankful I found her. M.C. Los Angeles

Highly recommend Lena. She is working on literally decade old injury issues and finding relief I have never felt before. Also great for treating recent onset aches and pains. Helps make your a part of the process so you can understand. Really the best you can get for helping you treat any pain or body issues. She also loves her work which is great. R.B. Los Angeles

Lena is so amazing. I leave her room not only feeling extremely relaxed but after only seeing her 3 times, my injuries are lightening up - She has some sort of magic ability to find the exact areas of pain, read them, spend time on them, and loosen them up, greatly. I feel like she's actually working on me and spending time with me. xo many more to come. G.N. Los Angeles

I was in so much misdiagnosed neck pain. Could not even turn or nod my head without shocky pain running head to shoulder. Same old story, primary physician referred to physical therapy, no relief, referred to physical medicine, etc. She got it, found it, worked with it, relieved my pain. D.S. Los Angeles

Working with Lena such a pleasure! She has such extensive knowledge of the body! She was able to follow lines of tension and release my shoulders completely. She gave me insights into ways to prevent specific muscular patterns, and I'm noticing a major difference in my holding patterns. J.S. Los Angeles

I came to see Lena because of some extreme neck and shoulder pain, as well as TMJ and lock-jaw. She was thorough, compassionate, dynamic and so wonderful to work with. Such a calming, easy-going presence that helped my muscles chill out in return. I'm feeling leagues better today, as the healing effects of yesterday's massage continue to move through me. I highly recommend Lena to anyone needing bodywork for whatever reason. She is a true healer. K.W. Los Angeles

Lena was able to relieve more of my chronic shoulder pain in one session than all the acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and internet-ad-contraptions i've tried in the last year combined. i've had massages of every different kind and this was by far the most effective. E.W. Los Angeles

This woman is truly a healer. I’ve been treated by her twice now. On both occasions I arrived in a lot of pain, with impaired mobility and left with mobility and comfort completely restored. She has such an extensive understanding of anatomy and really takes her time to listen to your experience and get to the source of your specific problem. T.C. Los Angeles

Lena is an expert listener. Not only did she listen attentively to what I told her my problem areas were, she used her hands to deeply “listen” to my body. I’ve had pain in the same area for nearly 5 years and have seen a lot of massage therapists and other healers. My session with Lena was the first time I felt truly heard — and transformed. I couldn’t recommend her enough. L.B. Los Angeles

When I booked my appointment with Lena, I knew I was out of alignment, but my body was filled with knots I didn't even realize I had. After Lena discovered and gently released points in my hips, wrists, and forearms, I could immediately feel blood flowing to those areas and a general "aliveness" in those parts of my body that had been stuck in restrictive patterns, and my movements have felt looser in the days since my appointment. I'm planning to make another one soon. E.M. Los Angeles

Going through a rough week, Lena was so kind and gentle with me. We worked on some scar tissue that hasn't been worked since surgery and helped me find the potential source of some sharp pains I've had for years. She even went out of her way to show me some stretches that I can do from home after working on a laptop all day after our session. I'm excited to start healing my physical body and looking forward to booking my next appointment with her. C.P. Los Angeles 

I recently had my first appointment with Lena. I came in with a litany of issues which she worked one by one. This wasn't like a spa style massage where they just do a routine on you - it was much more of a healing focused appointment. Lena went through my trouble spots one by one, isolating muscles and areas that were tense, then working on them and connected areas. She communicated with me throughout, helped me understand why she was doing each step, and discussed exercises that could help. E.W. Los Angeles

Lena saves my life! She is so knowledgable and intuitive, not to mention an amazing person. She works through my problem spots and goes above and beyond to give me exercises to help strengthen. love loved love lena and can not recommend her enough. A.D. Los Angeles

 Lena is very attuned to what the body needs and will focus on what needs to get done and truly makes a huge difference. LS. Los Angeles

Lena is incredibly intuitive healer. She can laser into what your core body issues are and work in a way that is at once is healing yet it feels great while it's happening. N.F. Los Angeles

Lena is my go to healer in Los Angeles. She has the perfect combination of incredible knowledge of the human body and incredible intuition. I have been to her in great pain after injuring myself and she was able to resolve my injury in one session. I am always blown away and recommend her to everyone I know. So grateful to have her work in this city! R.P.C. Los Angeles

After working with Lena on a regular basis for the past 6 months, she is someone that I trust to work on sensitive areas like shoulder joints because she knows what she's doing. Her myofascial work has helped break up adhesions that have caused migraines in recent years. In general, her multi-modal approach has also helped improve mobility, and her advice on how to maintain alignment between visits is invaluable. M.A. Los Angeles

Lena was so great with pinpointing muscles and areas that were holding tension. She worked on them patiently until they gave in to her guidance to relax. Once the session was up, she suggested I walk around the block to help me acclimate to the newness of texture and quality within my body. After the walk she had me hop up on the table again to address one area that had begun tightening. It's so rare to find someone as knowledgable as Lena. She's a gem! M.J. New Orleans, LA

I always leave my appointments with Lena feeling grateful and so much better. She is a true healer and highly recommend her. V.F. Los Angeles

My bodywork session with Lena was everything I wanted it to be. I experienced aspects of a traditional massage, but with a much more focused and personalized approach and expertise. By simply pressing around your body, Lena has an amazing ability to determine problem areas that you may not have been entirely aware of yourself, until she eases some of that tension previously accepted as "normal." I felt great relief and an improvement in my overall posture, mobility and feelings of grace. T.F. Los Angeles

Lena is the only person I have seen that works with TMJ issues. Her focus is dead on and I am seeing improvements in jaw, neck and hand issues after just a few visits. I highly recommend her. G.C. Los Angeles

I was given this massage as a gift and will definitely be back. Lena isolated tight points in my hips and legs that relieved a chronic knee pain I've had for 3 years (since my last pregnancy). She is a gifted healer. V.M. Los Angeles

Lena is a brilliant, deeply knowledgeable, thorough and gentle practitioner. I give my highest recommendation. M.B. Los Angeles

I loved the work I did with Lena. As I said to her, I left feeling more relaxed than I’d been in ages. She’s got wonderful energy and she is so knowledgeable when it comes to the body. Worth every penny and more. A.S. Los Angeles

Lena went beyond what I expected. The work was subtle but very effective. I didn't know such tiny areas could hold so much tension. She is quite the miracle worker. J.G. Los Angeles

Went in with some lower back and ankle pain and Lena did a great job on working with me to help release some of the tension in those areas of my body! Lena was attentive and always checked in with me to make sure pressure was ok and that I was comfortable. Looking forward to getting more work done from her! L.A. Los Angeles

Lena is such an intuitive and talented healer. I love that bodywork from her feels like a collaborative experience, that she is listening to your body directly as well as your experience of your body. A.P. Los Angeles

Lena is a gifted bodyworker. She really understands the body and works deep without muscling through or applying too much pressure. My body felt transformed. A.B. Los Angeles

Thoughtful, thorough, and effective! Loved my session! My psoas was really bothering me and Lena spent a lot of time working it out. Thanks so much, I will definitely be back for more! C.B. Los Angeles

After 40 years of massages, I am thrilled to recommend Lena as one of the best. Her thoughtful and skilled approach to identification of trouble spots made the time spent with her incredibly effective. I left feeling like 10 years younger. R. H. Los Angeles

I was very impressed with Lena's knowledge of the human anatomy. She carefully listens as she works with the client not forcing things on the client. I appreciated her slow tempo and her patience with letting things unwind on their own. Lena understands the nervous system quite well and allows things to unfold gently. I felt great relief after working with Lena. Looking forward to more. Highly recommend. A.L. Los Angeles

I've had persistent shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. In fact, I can't remember a time without shoulder pain! Except today! I've had many massages over the years to try to resolve this issue. They've all made me feel a bit better, but never pain free. Lena worked like a detective to find the root cause of my shoulder pain - which ended up NOT being what I expected! And just like that - this ever-present, background pain is no longer there! Looking forward to the follow-ups! M.B. Los Angeles

A couple of months back I was diagnosed with having a pinched nerve. I'm glad someone recommended Lena to me. Lena is amazing! She's taken the time to listen to what's going on with my body and has managed to reduce the pain caused by my condition! And this is only after 2 sessions! Can't say enough about her method. try her out, you'll thank yourself for doing so. G.T. Los Angeles

Lena is magical! I've had almost immediate results for a shoulder injury! Smart, Intuitive and very good at communicating! I can't recommend her enough. L.B. Los Angles

Lena found a way in to a year-old injury with such intuitiveness, care and power. She is pure magic. V.F. Los Angeles

Lena is a powerful healer with magic hands. I have been working to heal trauma, injury and chronic pain for the past 6 months. Lena's treatments have been integral to helping my body recover. She tunes right into the blockages and misalignments in my body and works with them until they dissolve. She explains what is going on with my body and patiently answers my many, many anatomy questions. I drive in all the way from Topanga to Silver Lake see her because she is *the best*. Highly recommended. J.A. Los Angeles

Highly recommended for athletes! I'm an athlete and fitness instructor and Lena is my go to for any sports related injuries or muscle tightness. I see her 2x per month in order to prevent injury, relieve any tension, and just to relax for a moment. She is the only body worker I have seen in LA that has made a big different in my athletic health! I highly recommend her for sports related issues. H.B. Los Angeles

Wow! Lena is an incredibly skillful practitioner who was able to hone in on my specific needs- the ones I could name and also the ones she knew by intuition. Not only did she release chronic tension in my neck and shoulders, she was able to give me a session that truly put me on another plane of neuromuscular ease. My whole nervous system felt reset and I walked out feeling like I was in my most open, strong, and resilient body. I cannot recommend Lena enough, and trust her implicitly. The best! D.W. Los Angeles, CA

I threw my back out and spent a long weekend away in significant pain with very limited ability to stand, walk or lift anything. I was able to book in with Lena's as soon as I got home. In 75 minutes I went from bent over like a little old lady to feeling amazing and pain free. Lena is truely miraculous - it's so rare to completely trust someone with your body and injury. Immediately after the session with her I was completely pain free with full range of motion returned. Thank you so much! R.C. Los Angels

I said it after my first massage with Lena and I said it again after my most recent one... BEST massage I've ever had. Lena has an incredible intuition and always finds the trouble spots that I forget to mention or brush off as less important. I've gone to see her with both an injury and without and always leave feeling like a new person; a much more relaxed person, both physically and mentally. K.H. Los Angeles, CA

Lena is a wonderful massage therapist! She really listens to what's going on with my body and customizes treatment to exactly what I need that day. I love how she eases into the massage, rather than jumping straight into deep pressure, she lets the muscles warm up and loosen first. I've been dealing with heel pain and upper back/neck tension for the past few years and I'm so grateful she's made a huge impact in my pain levels! J.G. Los Angeles, CA

Lena took my appointment last-minute when my plantar fasciitis flared on a Sunday. After sitting with me and conversing about what I needed, she set to work! She was truly in-tune with my body and helped identify the origin of the pain (the heel - AND much higher up in the soleus and gastroc). She worked from the fascia all the way down into the muscle and back up again. Lena created movement in the areas that were stuck. I have no pain at all today and her to thank for it. K.B. Los Angeles, CA

Lena is a master! As soon as she laid her hands on me i could feel her healing power. I felt SO good during and afterwards. Totally recommend her! M.D. Los Angeles, CA

I am a musician with chronic neck and back pain from sitting at my instrument for 25+ years. If I go to Lena with pain, I walk away without it. She knows so much about the body, and her intuition and personalization of sessions makes you feel that you are literally in good hands when you're on her table. She is also a pure joy to be around! I couldn't recommend her more! B.G. Los Angeles, CA

Lena is an excellent body worker. She pinpoints exactly where your issue is anatomically and patiently releases the tension. I have trouble with my shoulder from work related over use. After she worked on my shoulder twice my arms felt light and moved with more ease than I have felt in years. I am grateful to Lena for helping me heal and I would recommend her to anyone with specific bodily therapeutic needs. C.B. Los Angeles, CA

I just got CHANGED by Lena with Magic and Science! Seeing her has been the most healing and productive thing I have done for my body. I'm a dance aerobics instructor, and the work Lena has done on me has kept me energetic and flexible. I have had many massages from many body workers, but I have never see any one regularly before now! I am so grateful to have someone who really understands my body and genuinely wants to help it! E.M. Los Angeles, CA

 As a highly active dancer/yogi/fitness enthusiast with a few metal body parts I rely on regular bodywork to manage chronic pain. I have tried 'em all, and will testify that Lena is a truly gifted healer, who uses both technical and intuitive knowledge to find the source of pain or discomfort and release it with a nurturing and holistic approach. Her healing hands help me move with more ease. V.M. Los Angeles, CA

Lena is a body magician. This is not a woo woo, candles, crystals and oils kinda experience. Lena is a healer and understands human anatomy and works on your body's problems accordingly. She's fixed every time I've put my body through a lot of hell. Plus she's chill af and fun to talk with. I hope more of LA experiences Lena's healing touch. V.D. Los Angeles, CA

Lena knows the body! Her sessions target the exact places you need to release. She doesn't rush past tight places like some massage therapists. She doesn't miss a thing. Love her sessions and come out feeling better. C.M. Los Angles, CA

Lena is such a strong, attentive intuitive healer! Her massage is holistically amazing. She has the touch! A.S. Los Angeles, CA

I had my first session with Lena after a friend recommended her. I had tripped and injured my hip and thigh and was in quite a bit of pain. After a 90 minute session with Lena it feels amazing. I was really impressed by how thorough she was and immediately knew I could relax and was in excellent and knowledgable hands with this injury. I have had some brilliant body workers over the years and she is up there with the best of them. So happy to have found my go to therapist in LA finally! R.C., Los Angeles, CA

Lena's massages are transcendent. She's incredibly knowledgeable about human anatomy and she's extremely kind, so her bodywork feels both medical grade and dreamy. She's meticulous about finding the root source of aches/pains local and general, incorporating a variety of techniques. She goes deep if you want her to! I saw her for extreme persistent neck pain that was starting to make me nervous... With her skills, I avoided a trip to the chiropractor. I've seen lots of massage therapists in Los Angeles and have found only a few I would visit more than once. Lena is the top pick of them all.  E.R. Los Angeles, CA

Lena's got the intuitive touch.  After seeing lena for a 90 minuted massage, I slept better than I have in months, feeling restored and relaxed. She was very thorough and listened well to what I needed and also was able to feel the places there were holding tension that I wasn't aware of. I highly recommend her work. B.W. Portland, OR

Lena is extremely intuitive and truly cares about making you feel great. She's always checking in re: pressure and how I'm feeling during the massage. She's helped me many times whenever I tweak my neck. Also her playlist is A+ A.B. Los Angeles, CA

Lena did a great job making me comfortable and listen to where my problem areas were. Definitely would recommend as an east side staple massage therapist! S.G. Los Angeles, CA

Perfect amount of relaxing touch and deep muscle work. I went in after a super busy work week, with very tense neck muscles. She started with very relaxing, soothing massage, then really worked the kinks out in my neck. Looking forward to my next session. L.S. Los Angles, CA

I went to Lena after I pulled a muscle in my neck and she worked miracles! Not only did she completely heal my aches and pains, but her method was the perfect hybrid of effective, strong, deep massage and relaxing, soothing work. I would urge anyone to see her- she is so so so so good!! THE BEST! L.S. Los Angeles, CA

Lena has healing hands. She took extra good care of me when I was dealing with sensitive pain. I walked out of her place feeling revived. Highly recommended. J.S. Los Angels, CA   

Lena is the sweetest, most caring, and knowledgeable bodyworker I have ever had work on me. When we first started seeing each other I had been dealing with sleepless nights with shoulder pain that had been going on for over a year. After working with her for a couple of sessions and with slight changes to my diets my shoulders are pain free. Now I can use our time together for stress relief and enjoyment. Thank you so much for helping me to heal  C.M. Los Angeles, CA

I got immediate relief from my neck pain after Lena worked on me and I experienced a level of relaxation all over my body which I didn't think possible. I will definitely be returning for more treatments. Lena works gently and surely to alleviate stress and pain. L.J. New York, NY

Wonderful human being doing fantastic, custom work. I've dealt with gnarly sciatic type pain for a few years. After concentrating on the affected area yesterday in a 90 min session, I woke up today totally pain free- which is very rare for me. Thank you Lena for taking time to understand what my issue was and addressing it with so much love and care. I'll be back soon! B.M. Los Angeles, CA

Gentle, deep, and thorough. Lena is so knowledgeable and intuitive with her healing. My body and spirit always feel so nourished from her work. J.K. Los Angeles, CA

Lena was great! I came in with intense neck and back pain from stress, poor posture, and lumbar disc troubles. With her hands, she carefully identified the areas of need and worked each one through until the muscle relaxed. It has been 3 days and my back and neck haven't given me trouble yet since. I highly recommend Lena! Can't wait to go back. T.S. Los Angeles, CA

I had a knee/hip/ankle injury and she worked so carefully and thoughtfully on that leg. It felt like she was hitting all the spots, so to speak. She is absolutely a master. She understands the body in terms of individual anatomy and she is deeply intuitive. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. Oh and my leg felt so much better the next day. S.S. Los Angeles, CA

Lena is incredible, she takes time to really assess what is going on with your whole self including your body. She creates a relaxed and nurturing experience while also engaging you in a collaborative process. Lena asks surprising and insightful questions that have made me really pay attention to how I am using my body. After a session with Lena I always feel like my body has come back to it's natural state, unburdened and at ease. Highly recommended!! R.R. Los Angeles, CA

I really can't say enough about Lena. I am a dog walker and a biking commuter, so I do physical labor for a living. Working through my back and shoulder issues with Lena has increased my mobility and allowed me to feel less tired and in pain at the end of a workday. She's extremely attentive and listens to your needs, I really can't imagine a better body worker than her. S.M. Los Angeles, CA

I went in because my shoulder had been dislocated about two months prior. I was still experiencing pain and inflammation. Lena had me walk in and through sighting my body quickly understood the problem. She was considerate, kind and most importantly had a deep intuitive understanding of my body as a whole. In the session she made me feel completely at ease, relaxed and began to unwind the lines of pain and tension. I left feeling hopefully about my recovery. I will be seeing her again soon.                  T.C. Los Angles, CA

Years have gone by where the only massage that I will seek out is Lena's. When I am under her care I feel listened to and respected. She has an ease about her that belies her extreme talent as a healer. As an acupuncturist I can be picky about who I receive work from, but Lena is simply the best! K.D. Portland, OR

The massage I received from Lena was the perfect combination of enjoyment/relaxation and a feeling of true body therapy. I was having real issues with pain and knots in my upper back that I couldn't get at with any amount of stretching. Lena was able to pinpoint these areas and work them in a way that wasn't painful but relieving. I could actually feel the improvement in mobility and general dull pain that had been lingering in my body before the massage. Lena was able to tell me what she was feeling and how she was working my body. I actually learned a lot and felt in better touch with my body after the experience. I was able to more easily recognize when and where tension was building in my body and was able to implement some of the information I learned in our session. I would go back to Lena anytime! She really knows how to use her knowledge of the body and apply it to your specific needs and sensitivities. It really felt like a healing experience for me. L.C. Tucson, AZ

I am an athlete and went to Lena for some issues I was having with runner's knee. She fixed me right up and I have not been in pain since and have been able to train hard without any problems! I highly recommend her to anyone with sports related injuries. I plan to see her regularly to prevent injury and relieve muscle tightness.  D.J. Los Angeles, CA

After several years of working with numerous massage therapists due to significant back problems, I found that Lena is one of the few people I've worked with that is equally intuitive and methodical in her practice. My personal experience with Lena is that she listens, is empathetic, extremely knowledgeable about the structural aspects of the body and is able to connect all of these things into a therapeutic and healing practice that helped me a great deal over the years. I honestly can't recommend her enough if you have the opportunity to work with her! M.K. Portland, OR

I came to Lena because my neck seized up from stress and sleeping on it wrong. I couldn't move my head up or down or from side to side. I had pain that shot down to the middle of my back and a headache behind my eyes. I called Lena up out of desperation and I'm so glad I did. She was very gentle yet went deep into the muscles of my neck and upper back. She was very thorough without rushing the process, it literally felt like she was peeling back the layers of my tight muscles (in the best way possible!) I almost cried with relief when she performed neck stretches on me near the end of our session and I could move my neck without shooting pain. I definitely recommend Lena for a great bodywork experience! N.B. Los Angeles, CA