I welcome clients of all gender identities, of all religions or spiritual paths, all ethnic backgrounds, all sizes, shapes, or physical abilities. I provide a space and time completely dedicated to your needs. Before each session we will discuss what is going on with your body and what your goals are. I custom tailor each treatment, and depending on the session, I incorporate elements of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, relaxation massage and facilitated stretching to release pain, tension and stress from the body. Each session is a collaborative experience between the client and myself and therefor no two sessions are the same. Clients leave sessions more relaxed, with less pain, with better alignment and flexibility, and with more ease of movement.


I treat clients seeking help with-

  • Stress induced pain, tension or anxiety
  • Injuries from repetitive motion
  • Injuries related to sports and dance
  • Whiplash
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis, including plantar fasciitis  
  • Sciatic pain
  • TMJ disorders
  • Tension Headaches
  • Post operative recovery

Myofascial Release- Fascia is a web of connective tissues, made up of collagen fibers. Fascia resides under the deepest layer of our skin, it also covers our bones, wraps our individual muscles, encloses and separates muscles into groups, and encases our organs. Fascia is naturally thicker in certain areas of the body and thinner in others. It can become stiff, sticky, bunched up, or twisted which in turn can exert a force of tension and pull on the the entire structure of the body. I work to release these facial pulls by gently rocking the body, by applying direct pressure to  one area while stretching tissue in other direction, by moving, stretching or applying traction to individual limbs, by rolling or gently twisting the skin, All of this work is done without oils or lotions so that all the layers of connective tissue can be addressed. I also utilize myofascial scraping done with smooth jade stone tools.  I lubricate the skin with oil and use the blunt edges to gently scrap the skin and deeper tissues with short stokes in specific areas of the body. This is done to break up scar tissue, smooth out bunched up fascia, break up adhesions in muscles tissue, encourage lymph and blood flow and to assist in achieving greater mobility.

Deep tissue- Deep tissue work does not mean painful work. Pain is counter productive to healing the body and I do not want any technique I use to cause pain to a client. From the superficial layers of the body I apply firm, steady pressure in order to sink slowly down into deeper layers of muscle tissue. Once at the deeper layer, I apply a steady, direct pressure to break up adhesions and soften the muscle.  Sometimes stretching accompanies the direct pressure to assist in separating muscles that may have become stuck to one another, to pin down and break up an adhesion in muscle tissue, or to. reset the resting position of a muscle. Sometimes grasping and kneading individual muscles is utilized to soften tissues. This work is also usually performed with minimal oils or lotions.

Trigger point therapy- At any time during our session a trigger point may be encountered. A trigger point is a hyper sensitive area within a muscles which cause intense, localized pain and may also refer pain to other parts of the body. I apply, direct, firm, exact pressure until it diminishes and disappears.

Relaxation Massage- The body does its best healing when in a state of relaxation. After myofascial or deep tissue work, oil is applied to the skin and muscles are glided over and smoothed out. The face and scalp are massaged to encourage deep relaxation and to allow the body to adjust to the work. Depending on the needs of the client, more or less time is spent in relaxation techniques.